Peoples Assembly Tiverton September 2019

On 20 September 2019 a town centre march for the Global Climate Strike presented a
tree to both Town and District Councils to thank them for declaring the Climate
Emergency; then Sustainable Tiverton and Extinction Rebellion jointly convened an
Assembly using the guidance provided by Extinction Rebellion. 40 local people took
part by volunteering themselves and were not an invited or selected group. After
explanation of the inclusive deliberation method, 5 groups of 8 people considered the
question “What would a Zero-carbon Tiverton Look Like?” Each group had a facilitator
and a note-taker. This report contains the most supported suggestions from each
group, plus additional notes from their discussions and from wider public contributions
to the same question which had been displayed in the town centre that week.


Read the full report here


Mid-Devon Climate Emergency Declaration

On Weds 26 June 2019 Mid-Devon District Council declared a Climate Emergency and set a target for net zero carbon emissions by 2030 by unanimous vote. The public were there in force with passion and ideas, the energy in the room was ‘unusual’ for a council meeting! Councillors were empowered to act, and it was great to see. We CAN make a difference.

Sustainable Tiverton (aka TACT) will be looking to influence and champion the changes we need to make to get this target met. Of course a lot of measures need to be taken at higher tiers of government, but there is also a lot can be done locally and the local councils can put pressure upwards in the right directions knowing the public is behind them.

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